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KIWANIS International Federation of Taiwan (Taichung) – Serving a Worldwide Community

Eloise Sims 2019-02-13 1993
When Lynn 劉春快 first joined KIWANIS International Federation of Taiwan, it was out of a desire to give back to society – following the tragedy of the 921 Earthquake.

“My family and I received a lot from society, so I wanted to give a little back.” She explains. “I was inspired by the 921 earthquakes, as I saw so many people suffering - but even more people helping. I was so touched by that, and it made me want to make a difference.”

“Since then, I’ve been in KIWANIS for 26 years.”

During that time, 劉春快 has gone from being just an ordinary KIWANIS volunteer to becoming Governor-Elect of KIWANIS International Federation of Taiwan last year.

This is no small feat, considering the organization has 20,000 members in Taiwan alone.

劉春快 has big plans for the organization when she becomes governor on October 1st.

“I want to have a program for international students to come to Taiwan and interact with Taiwanese students.” She smiles. “Taiwanese students have great potential, and just need someone to help in terms of introducing them to people in other countries. So, I want to broaden their horizons in this way.”

“I also want to choose ten outstanding youth – high achievers of high school and elementary age – to give them an award. By awarding these students, I want to drive them away from things such as drugs and alcohol and encourage them to reach out to the world.”

Such initiatives are deliberately focused on young people, 劉春快 tells me.

“Young people are the root of a nation.” She explains. “So that’s why it’s important to start to nurture them from a very young age - to give them experiences and skills so they can achieve more. “

劉春快 says the biggest advantage of establishing a KIWANIS base in Guangfu Village is the opportunity to make different international connections.

“Moving here has given us the opportunity to have more interactions with other international groups.” She explains. “The government support here is also very valuable.”

“Plus, there’s an elderly population in Guangfu Village that we can fundraise for and provide services to –like our popular “Entertainment Car”, which we have donated to the City Government. In this car, elderly people can sing karaoke, watch a movie, have coffee, donate blood, and make new friends.”

In the future, 劉春快 hopes KIWANIS can continue serving both the elderly and young populations of Taiwan.

“One day, we’ll be old as well, so we should take care of the elderly population as we should take care of ourselves.” She says.