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Dr. Mumin Chen – Bringing South Asia to Taiwan

Eloise Sims 2019-02-13 2050
As an associate professor at the Graduate Institute of Political Sciences at Chung Hsin University, and a member of the international affairs section of the Taiwan Think Tank, Dr. Mumin Chen is passionate about educating Taiwanese about other countries – especially Southeast Asian nations.
“I’ve been teaching about India for about ten years, and I think Taiwanese people still know very little about Southeast Asian countries.” He says.
“While we have many migrant workers from Southeast Asia in Taiwan, many migrant labor issues are portrayed in a very negative way in Taiwanese media. So Taiwanese people may see people from these countries as only causing problems and bringing crimes – which is not the case.”
“This is why it’s so important to promote mutual cultural understanding.” He explains.
As chair of the Taiwan South Asia Association, Dr. Mumin has personally organized many lectures on South East Asia in order to raise awareness of this region amongst Taiwanese.
Just last week, in collaboration with INGO Center staff, he held an Indian music and dance night in Taichung’s Nanxun District – which had plenty of Taichung locals in attendance.
Dr. Mumin encourages anyone interested in Southern Asian politics, business, or culture to go to South Asia Watch – a website created by Dr. Mumin and his team that features Mandarin and English-language articles on economics, politics, movies, books, travel, and upcoming events.
“I don’t want to just lecture about Southeast Asia in class.” He says.

“I want people to learn about the culture, the history, and the art in these countries, so a genuine cooperative friendship can be built between Taiwan and Southeast Asia.”
South Asia Watch’s website is available at