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Serving Those in Need

Eloise Sims 2019-01-22 1085
After getting a job at Asia University Hospital, Dr. Chih Lung Lin (Director of Asia University’s Neurosurgery Department and Taiwan President of the International College of Surgeons) was immediately interested in establishing a free clinic in the INGO Center in Guangfu Village. Having previously worked in Taipei, he recognized that he could access far more people in need here than in the big city. 
“In Taipei, people tend to have more money and can access their own medical services there – whereas, in Guangfu Village, there are more elderly people and children that need the free services we provide.” He explains. 
The International College of Surgeons (ICS) is a global organization dedicated to bringing together surgeons and surgical specialists worldwide to promote surgical excellence. Guangfu Village’s ICS clinic was established on the 5th November last year, and Dr. Chih and his colleagues have been working to open the space to the public ever since then. 
Their first free clinic will be held on the 20th January 2019 – in a room decorated with historic medical equipment and images of Dr. Chih performing free surgeries in Indonesia.
“The Taiwanese chapter of ICS volunteers every August in Indonesia.” Dr. Chih says, pointing to a photo. “You see this photo? That’s me – and that’s a cell phone right there. In some cities in Indonesia, there is often no power at night, so we have to perform surgeries with only the light from a cell phone.” 
In the future, Dr. Chih says he wants to continue volunteering in Indonesia every August, as well as hold free clinics once a month for the people of Guangfu Village and encourage school children to come to the clinic to learn about medicine.