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Oracle Bone Script Exhibition Volunteer (May Ling) – “Bringing History to Life”

Eloise Sims 2019-01-28 1110
In Guangfu Village, a new exhibition is underway to highlight the historical importance and beauty of ancient Chinese characters. 
The “528 Art of Ancient Calligraphy” exhibition - named after the Taichung “528 Calligraphy Class” who created the artworks on display - aims to educate children and adults alike about the history of the Chinese language. 
Volunteer May Ling says the exhibition has taken on an additional special meaning being held in Guangfu Village – which is also a historical site, as a former provincial government village. 
“Both the art and the village itself are connected together in historical value.” She explains. 
May says her favorite part of volunteering for the exhibition is how she gets to meet lots of different people and answer their questions. 
“Sometimes, when visitors come here and ask me questions, I don’t always know the answer. But then I can ask the experts in this field, and then I learn more about this whole world.” She says. 
“Being a volunteer has enriched my mind.” She adds. 
Amongst all the different artworks on display, May’s favorite is a traditional poem about the beauty of mountains. 
“Because the characters are older, I sometimes have to pause to figure out what they mean.” She says. “But I immediately understood the meaning of this one straight away.”
“It is beautiful, which is something you can understand no matter what language you speak.”