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2022 09 Calendar

Stationary Unit

Asia University International NGO Research Center
Residing time 2018-01-01 ~ 2022-12-31
The College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Asia University combines forces with local industry and resources to help the regional government promote community development, paying concern to minorities. It collaborates with the government’s innovative humanity, the practice of newly emerged society, and the New Southbound Policy, it promotes the INGO in Wufeng, Taichung. Regarding instruction, industrial-academia cooperation, research as the core, it endeavors to encourage Taiwan’s sustaining development to fulfill its social responsibility. The Asia University International NGO Research Center was established according to the Establishment and Management Guidelines of Asia University International NGO Research Center.”

With Wufeng Studies at its core, the pastoral city and the theory of transition town as the foundation, it implements various community schemes at grass-root level. With the spirit of creation, handicrafts, aesthetic, ecology, farming, labor, organic, exploration, leisure, cooking, learning and performance, related activities are conducted. It guides participants to know the environment and land where they live and see the beauty of Wufeng, a place hidden with humanistic treasure. In addition, it conducts long-term cooperation with INGOs in Germany, Cambodia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other countries to implement students’ internships, service learning, academic exchange, cultural learning, and other activities.
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