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2022 09 Calendar

Stationary Unit

Taiwan Painting Talk Association
Residing time 2018-01-01 ~ 2022-12-31
Taiwan Painting Talk Association was founded in 2012, and the aim of the association is to help the disabled convey their own ideas through drawing, since it’s hard for them to “talk”, but art is the language that moves us forward. In art education therapy, the disabled can find a way for expressing “words” through various media and embed OT, PT, and daily life skill training into art activity. The association provides an art platform as well as entertainment to the disabled, cultivating their creativity and growth. Thanks to the promotion of artistic creation, the disabled can speed up their physical and mental rehabilitation and involve themselves with more social participation so that they can improve their quality of life.
  1. 2015 Shikamoto Gakuen, Tokyo, Japan – Taiwan Arts Cultural Exchange Expo 
  2. 2016 Disabled People’s Art Therapy Workshop, Nanning, Guangxi, China
  3. 2017 Disabled Summit Forum in Beijing, China
  4. 2017 Presented the paper – “The Efficacy of Art Therapy Education of Cerebral Palsy” in 2017 International Conference on Education, Psychology, and Learning (ICEPL-Fall 2017) in Fukuoka, Japan
  5. 2018 Students’ art therapy education exchange exhibition at Dual Blessing Bhd, Malaysia
  6. 2018 Visited Dr. Monica Wong, art therapist at Hong Kong Institute for Counseling Professional
  7. 2018 Art Exchange Exhibition, Fujian Charity, Federation, Fujian, China
  8. 2018 Visited a community in Lautenbach, German
  9. 2018 Presented the paper – “The Efficacy of Art Therapy Education of Autism,” at 2018 International Symposium on Teaching, Education, and Learning, Seoul, Korea
  10. 2018 Taipei – Cross-Strait Disabled Summit Forum
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