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2022 09 Calendar

Stationary Unit

International College of Surgeons, Asian-Pacific Headquarters
Residing time 2018-01-01 ~ 2022-12-31
The International College of Surgeons is a global organization, endeavoring to gather surgeons, scholars, and experts in different countries to promote surgical therapy and medical research. It aims to encourage international exchange and cooperation. The mission of the college: 1. International conference: Sponsor global conferences to discuss themes related to world hygiene. 2. Humanistic medical rescue and operation: To promote the goal of WHO – “universal health” coverage with the provision of “primary health care”. Encouraging communities to participate, it works towards the goal of “Health for All”. 3. International cooperation: It shares experiences of medical rescue and explore the trends of humanistic surgical treatment and collaborate to build up a better world.

The International College of Surgeons, Taiwan Section visited the Amazon River regions during the Chinese New Year earlier this year to provide free medical consultation to people in tribes and low-income people. Although there were language differences and the lack of resources, they still help a few thousand people by curing their casualties. They also taught them basic first-aid knowledge, hoping to achieve the goal of “curing local people with local people.” They helped local residents learn ways of self-curing and lowering instances of illness.
As there was language barriers, fortunately with the help of the Ministry of Diplomacy’s help, the medical students from the South American countries that have diplomatic relationship with Taiwan joined the team to help them overcome communication barriers between doctors and patients. This event earned positive feedback. The doctors expressed that they will be back soon!
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