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2022 09 Calendar

Stationary Unit

Rescue Dog Team, Emergency Rescue Squad, Fire Bureau Of Taichung City Government
Residing time 2018-01-01 ~ 2022-12-31
To promote the disaster rescue capacity of the special emergency rescue squad and tune up the respond speed of rescue in local and international disasters, Fire Bureau Of Taichung City Government established the Rescue Dog Team. It is grouped with expert trainers of rescue dogs. In ordinary time, rescue dogs are trained in rubble search, wilderness search, path tracking, and other rescue missions. The team also engages in equipment maintenance to consolidate the capacity in emergency rescue. When major disasters happen, the team will be dispatched to rescue people’s lives.

The contents of the rescue dog team’s missions:
1. Assist in searching mission of missing people in Taichung City.
2. Rescue mission in major local and foreign earthquake disasters.
3. Assist with 921 Earthquake Museum's interactive promotional activities.

The world largest International Rescue Dog Organization (IRO) has been established for 25 years, with 117 member-organizations from 42 countries. It held members’ conference regularly to discuss the technique of rescue dogs and share the disaster rescue experience in different countries. At present, there are 3 groups of dog handlers and rescue dogs. All of them passed the Mission Readiness Test (MRT). In the future, they will be enlisted to conduct major disaster rescue missions at local and foreign.

A few days ago, the rescue dog squad conducted joint-training with BRH, Germany and signed a cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, the BRH will visit Taiwan in March every year and participate in the joint-training with Taichung Rescue Dog Squad, which will visit Germany in September every year to enhance their skills in path tracking, successfully reaching international standards.
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