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2022 09 Calendar


  1. Agreement description page
  2. Select the lease time
  3. Enter the borrowed facilities
  4. Enter the lease information
  5. Confirm the application information
  6. Case application completed.
Please do not carry out events or actions that spray flammable powder.
Please do not carry out profiting events or actions.
Please to not stick, drill or nail the walls and floors.
Please take away the garbage after using. Please clean the place properly (indoor and outdoor) and restore the place to its original status.
Please bring your own notebook PC, projector and other equipment.
Please use the facilities and equipment of this place properly. If there are any damage to them, users have to compensate accordingly.
Users have to use the space according to the administrator’s instructions.
For further information, please contact the project officer of NGO Center. Tel: 04-2228-9111*10912 (Mr. Chang). E-mail: .